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The details of an IEP meeting

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | IEP |

If your child has specific types of learning needs, you understand the challenges they face in school. Educational struggles may prevent your child from learning with traditional methods, but that does not mean that they cannot succeed in school. These students may benefit from assistance provided through special education programs. The first step in securing this type of support for your child is an evaluation of their needs. 

An evaluation of your child can provide insight regarding what types of support, services and accommodations are necessary. After the assessment, a team of individuals with experience in special education will develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP). An IEP is a uniquely tailored plan that allows the school to provide needed supports and services. 

IEP Meetings

As the parent, you are the most important and effective advocate your child has. Not only do you have the right to know what’s in your child’s IEP, you also have the right to ask questions, express concerns and request specific supports and services you believe are necessary. After the initial assessment, an IEP meeting will be held to discuss special education eligibility, along with the supports and services that will be provided. This is the time when you can ask your questions and ensure that the IEP meets your child’s needs. 

The meeting will consist of you, special education professionals, teachers and others. You can also bring legal representation with you to this meeting if you believe that it is necessary to ensure the protection of your child’s educational rights. The IEP team should discuss in detail the specific types of accommodations, services and supports your student will be provided, as well as goals and specific steps to achieving those goals.  

Don’t go through it alone 

It can be complex to navigate special education matters. These are sensitive issues, and it is often helpful to have legal guidance as you navigate the challenges of IEP meetings, education rights and more. As you prepare to meet regarding your child’s IEP, you may find it beneficial and informative to first seek an understanding of the special education process and your rights as the parent of a special education student in California.