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Special Education Law

Sheila Gibert

Photo Of Sheila Gibert

Sheila joined our office after many years of experience working with children. Having been married for over 30 years and blessed with 5 beautiful children, several grandchildren, as well as having run her own day care, she brings tremendous and invaluable insight to our office. Prior to joining Augustin Egelsee, she worked for several years as a teachers’ assistant in a mild/moderate special day class to address the needs of students who required additional support. This was an invaluable experience, providing her with additional firsthand knowledge of what it means to have a child with “special needs”.

The daily contact with our clients over the past 13 years with Augustin Egelsee has given Sheila even more passion for assisting families in finding the appropriate placement and services for their children. She has gained tremendous insight into the legal field of special education and juvenile justice through helping families navigate stressful situations. She is an integral member of our team and ensures our office runs smoothly and efficiently. Sheila believes it is a privilege to work on behalf of families’ most precious commodity, their children.

“Each of us here at Augustin Egelsee are not here merely to do a job, but to provide a much needed service to our children and their families. I am privileged to be a part of such a wonderful team of professionals.”  -Sheila Gibert