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Lawmakers are working to improve special education funding

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2024 | Special Education |

Parents of children who need particular types of help and support in the classroom may find that it is challenging to ensure that their kids have what they need for a full and fair educational experience. Special education is an area that is often underfunded in many California school systems, but federal lawmakers are looking to address that situation. Lawmakers in the House of Representatives are debating increasing federal funding that will make it easier to ensure students receive the services they deserve. 

Addressing problems in special ed 

The bill under consideration would increase funding by more than 2% that would be designated for special education across the country. Increased funding would allow parents who believe that their child is not receiving his or her rightful special education support to fight for these benefits. If a school is not following a child’s Individual Educational Program, a parent can request a due process hearing. 

Increased funding would ensure that more students have access to what they need in the classroom. Additionally, it will provide parents more opportunity to advocate for their students in the event of an issue with an IEP. Across the board, more funding means more opportunity for special ed students. 

Fighting for educational rights 

A special education student has educational rights, and he or she is entitled to services outlined in an IEP. If there are issues with services provided, a California parent has the right to speak out and seek the best possible outcome for his or her child. An assessment of the specific situation can provide insight into what a parent can do on behalf of his or her student.