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Are special education students treated fairly in school?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2024 | Special Education |

When parents send their kids to school, they expect that their children will receive fair and reasonable treatment, regardless of their abilities. Special education students often require additional support, and behavioral concerns can be a common issue for teachers and leaders in the schools, but specific attention should be given to the way that schools restrain and seclude students who need this type of intervention. These students may be unable to express what they experienced if they are treated inappropriately.

Addressing behavioral struggles

When students exhibit severe behaviors in school, the school may need to physically restrain the student for their safety and the safety of others. However, there have been instances where parents report their child may not have been treated appropriately or secluded from others to the point where it causes physical and emotional harm. These types of incidents should be carefully reported.

A look at statistics from schools across the country indicates that there may be a lack of transparency and accountability in reporting since the vast majority of schools report zero incidents. This has caused concern for many parents of special education students who worry for their child’s well-being and safety.

The rights of special education students

Parents of California special education students are their best advocates. If a student experiences a violation of their rights, the parents can seek justice and fight for the interests of their students. It may be beneficial to work with a special education attorney to follow the most beneficial course of action.