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Special Education Law

Special education assistance for students with autism

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | IEP |

If a student requires additional support at school because of a mental condition or a physical limitation, he or she could be eligible for certain types of services provided by the school. Students who qualify for special education support could receive help in the form of accommodations with tasks, extra time to complete tests and more. Some students with autism may be eligible for special ed programming, but the types of help they may need depend on their situation. 

Individualized support and assistance 

When a student qualifies for special education support, he or she will receive an Individualized Education Program. This is a strategy for how the teachers and school will work toward that student’s success through different strategies and practical accommodations. For children with autism, they are often able to function in a regular classroom because of the provisions included in the IEP. 

There are times when a child may benefit more from being in a separate classroom, perhaps even an autistic support classroom. These may not be available in smaller schools, but if not, there are other effective ways to help autistic students succeed in school. Schools are obligated to provide the services listed in an IEP. 

Advocating for special education students 

A California parent is the best advocate for a student who needs special education services. It may be beneficial to speak with a lawyer who has specific experience in special ed law to determine if a child’s educational rights have been violated. A parent does not have to navigate this complex system alone.