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How can parents support their students with special needs?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2023 | Special Education |

One of the most challenging things parents must do is help their child navigate difficulties at school. This can be particularly complicated if a student has special needs or is eligible for special education services. It is beneficial for California parents to know how they can support their children in the classroom, secure necessary services and testing for them, and advocate for what they may need to have a full and fair educational experience.

Helpful steps for parents and others

A student who qualifies for special education support has the right to services that may include extra accommodations in the classroom, one-on-one physical support and more. These students may face unique challenges at school, and the following may help parents support their kids:

  • Visit the school to familiarize them with the building.
  • Speak with teachers about the student regularly.
  • Keep all IEP documentation and other paperwork organized.

Parents are their child’s most important advocates, which is especially important for a special education student who may have additional challenges in school. A parent will benefit from a full understanding of his or her child’s educational rights.

Don’t advocate alone

It can be intimidating and complicated to support a California student who needs special education services. A parent who is navigating this system and has concerns about services, educational rights and more will benefit from the support and guidance of an experienced attorney. Legal support can prove helpful as one advocates for his or her child and fights to ensure that rightful services are provided at school.