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Special Education Law

Improving conversations about Individualized Education Programs

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2023 | IEP |

Navigating the special education process is difficult for both parents and educators. It can be difficult for parents to fully understand what their child needs for educational success, and educators may not always be able to explain the scope of available services or how they intend to support the California student. Conversations about the development or modification of an Individualized Education Program can be stressful and overwhelming for all involved.

Talking about special education

When preparing for these conversations, it is important for teachers, educators and others to fully understand what should be in an IEP and how to discuss specific needs. For example, every IEP should include terms pertaining to the eight following things:

  • Child’s present performance in the classroom
  • Measurable annual goals for the student
  • How progress will be monitored throughout the year
  • Services the school will provide for the student
  • Explanation for any time the child will not be in the traditional classroom setting
  • Accommodations when student is being assessed
  • Date for beginning services
  • Transition planning, if the child is older

Parents and teachers can and should be able to work together to provide special education students with the tools required to succeed long-term.

Don’t face it alone

California parents may feel daunted by the special education system, but they do not have to navigate it alone. They will benefit from the guidance and support of an experienced attorney at every step. An attorney can also help parents advocate for the needs of their student as they fight for the full amount of support he or she needs.