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The Details of a Student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | IEP |

Parents of students who have specific learning needs may find it is difficult to ensure that their children have what they need for educational success. Special education students are entitled to a full and fair educational experience, but California parents may find that sometimes they must advocate for their child to receive rightful services. The first step that may be helpful is to find out what types of services their child needs and what is outlined in the child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

What is in an IEP?

An IEP is a personalized education plan for students who qualify for special education services. An IEP identifies needs, present levels and goals along with the necessary services, placement and accommodations required.  An IEP typically contains the following:

  • Statement of student’s present levels
  • Measurable educational goals
  • Specific services to be provided
  • Accommodations and/or modifications

Parents have the right to know what is in their child’s IEP and what services they should be receiving.

Educational success for all students

Parents have the right to advocate for additional services that are needed for their child to make appropriate educational progress. It may be helpful to speak with an experienced attorney regarding the legal options available.