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Children benefit when parents work closely with teachers

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Special Education |

Parents in California understandably want their children to have an education that’s best suited to their needs and abilities. The educational path may look different for each child so it’s helpful when parents know their children’s teachers and work with them to help the children thrive while at school. When parents work with teachers to foster an educational environment that helps a child learn based on their individual needs, the child can work towards reaching their potential.

Get to know the teachers

A child spends much time with their teachers, so parents can benefit from knowing the teacher and working closely with them to help the child reach their educational goals. If a child has an IEP, they may work with both special education teachers and general education teachers throughout the school day or week. Children may spend one-on-one time with a teacher to help with specific needs. This one-on-one time can allow the teacher to provide feedback to the parents on what they can do to help.

Parents often have questions about ways to help their children learn in a way that meets their individual abilities. Most special education teachers are willing to sit down with parents for regular consultations. This allows parents to address their concerns and gives the teacher a chance to provide feedback about the child’s progress.

There are laws to provide support for parents

If a parent feels that their child’s educational needs are not being met, they can benefit from speaking with an education law attorney. Laws are in place to protect children and provide guidance on how schools and teachers should educate based on a child’s individual needs. When an issue arises, California parents have the right to consult with an attorney to better understand their options.