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Teacher shortages continue to impact special education

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Special Education |

One of the most important factors in ensuring the success of a student with certain learning needs is a qualified teacher. Teachers are some of the most important influences for special education students, and they are on the front lines of ensuring that each student has the appropriate support and help necessary to succeed in the classroom. Unfortunately, teacher shortages in California and across the country can impact the quality of a child’s education. 

Why is it hard to place teachers in classrooms? 

Virtually every state in the country is struggling with the implications of teacher shortages, specifically in special education. Some school systems are coming up with unique ways to address the problem, and staff may have to work together to simply keep the school functioning. However, one downside to this is the fact that some schools were reportedly placing unqualified teachers in special education classrooms simply to meet a need. 

Special education teachers require specific training in order to effectively teach special education students. One way to ensure that teachers are qualified while also quickly placing teachers in vacancies is to implement specific expedited licensing programs. Regardless of the way a school is working to find teachers, they must also remain compliant with special education laws. 

How can parents help? 

Parents of California special education students may have concerns about the quality of education their student is receiving. A parent is a critical advocate for their student, and they have the right to raise concerns regarding the teachers in the classroom. Despite teacher shortages, special education students have the right to a quality education.