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How should special education teachers approach parents?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2023 | Special Education |

Working with students who have unique learning needs can be difficult for teachers. It is rewarding and challenging to work with special education students, and teachers play a critical role in ensuring that each student in the classroom has a full and fair educational experience. One of the most important but oftentimes difficult aspects of teaching special education students is finding an appropriate way to communicate with the parents. 

As the parent of a special education student, you are one of the most important advocates that your child has. One of the issues that you may find particularly challenging to navigate is working with your child’s teacher. There are certain strategies that can help both of you work together in a way that will be conducive for the education of your child and their best interests in the classroom. 

Establishing a good relationship 

Educating a student who has unique learning needs can be difficult. It is critical that your child’s teacher follow the terms of his or her Individualized Education Plan (IEP). This plan specifies the accommodations/services your child needs, as well as how the teacher will implement those instructions in the classroom. The following may help foster positive parent-teacher communication: 

  • Teachers should not start meetings and conversations with parents from a place of negativity. Starting off with behavioral complaints can negatively impact the direction of the conversation. 
  • Parents have the right to information about their child’s education, and it may be helpful to ask questions, seek insight and speak about your concerns openly. 
  • It is best for teachers to avoid stereotyping and labeling children. Instead, it may be best to ask parents for insight into what they believe their students need to achieve success in the classroom. 

When special education teachers can work together with parents, it will establish a relationship that will benefit the children and ensure that they have an appropriate experience at school. 

Fighting for educational rights of students 

If you are the parent of a special education student, you know how difficult it can be to help your child navigate school and school-related concerns. You do not have to walk through these issues alone, but instead, you may benefit from the experienced guidance of an experienced professional. In some cases, legal action may be necessary in order to protect the educational rights of a California student.