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Assisting students with dyslexia in California classrooms

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Special Education |

Students in the special education program in California have different types of needs, which can range from relatively minor to severe. Each student has the right to a full educational experience, and those with special learning needs have the right to the specific types of support he or she needs to succeed in the classroom. Those with literacy struggles, such as dyslexia, may need help in addressing the challenges they face at school, and schools are obligated to provide that support.

Accurately identifying the deficit

For any students that struggle with literacy, their educational plan may not have an accurate description of their specific need. Signs such as viewing certain letters backwards, struggling to read and having difficulty understanding written instructions can all be signs of dyslexia. A thorough evaluation is often necessary to determine if a student has this type of reading deficit.

Many students with dyslexia qualify for special education services. However, the quality of support a student receives differs greatly from school to school. There is evidence that many students with this specific need often go without even the most basic types of support they require to meet educational goals and make appropriate progress.

The importance of parent advocates

California parents are the most important and effective advocates special education students have. If a parent believes their child with dyslexia is not receiving the specific type of help needed in the classroom, legal action may be necessary. It may be helpful to seek the guidance of an experienced special education attorney.