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Student with Special Education Needs Expresses Frustration

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Special Education |

Feeling out of place in school can be difficult for many students. However, some students who find themselves struggling with certain subjects may simply need extra help, have a different way of learning or have needs that make it more difficult for them to quickly grasp certain concepts. These factors do not mean that those students are less intelligent, but it could mean that they need special education supports and services because of their learning differences.

One particular student found himself struggling in high school after doing well in middle school. The student stated that he found himself feeling hopeless and frustrated because he was struggling with schoolwork, would mark incorrect answers in math despite knowing the right answer, and had difficulty reading and comprehending information. After expressing these difficulties, his family became concerned that he may have dyslexia and dyscalculia, which are learning disabilities that affect reading and math.

The student’s mother contacted the school in hopes of having her son formally evaluated for an individualized education program. However, two months passed without the school taking steps to help her son, and later, the school had to close because of the pandemic. Though the school reopened with remote learning months later, the student continued the struggle because he never received the evaluation and IEP that may have helped him learn appropriately. The student and his mother expressed a deep frustration over this process.

For some California parents, it is difficult to watch their child struggle in school. However, when schools do not uphold their part when it comes to special education assessments, programs and services, parents and students alike can feel frustrated. Fortunately, there may be legal options for addressing such issues available to families in this situation.