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Special Education Law

Disabilities, behavioral issues and support for specific students

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Special Education |

Certain students need specific types of support in order to succeed in the school system. Students with disabilities often display behavioral struggles as well, and educators and administrators have the obligation to make efforts to ensure each child has access to an education in a safe and supportive environment. Proactive behavior intervention often means creating an Individualized Education Plan for a child who needs additional help or accommodations.

California parents who have children who are struggling with behavior challenges in school because of a disability may have to advocate for their kids. It may take a significant amount of work to get the school to secure an IEP and ensure the child is not unnecessarily penalized for actions he or she cannot control. This isn’t always easy to do, and it can be especially complicated when Parents and school staff are not in agreement regarding what supports and services are necessary to properly address these concerns. It may help to secure legal counsel for this endeavor.

The goal of having an IEP is to provide the student with the support he or she needs to succeed in an educational environment. This may mean including a behavioral intervention plan. With the right plan and support in place, it can allow the child to remain in the classroom and allow them the opportunity to continue to learn in the least restrictive environment.

California parents may benefit from the support and guidance of an experienced attorney as they advocate for their child. An attorney with specific experience in special education law and IEP plans can be especially beneficial when navigating these sensitive matters. A child’s future opportunities are at stake, and the right help is crucial.