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New report addresses funding issues in California special education

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2020 | Special Education |

The way money is allocated for California’s public education system may need to change. As things stand now, the funding for general education and special education come from two different sources. A new report from WestEd, a consulting firm, indicates that the system may need changing in order to work better.

The way things are now, a student whose first language is not English who also has a disability would receive assistance with the language issue from one source and the disability from another source. The report indicates that it would make more sense to combine the two needs by using one individual with experience in both areas. Most parents would probably agree this makes more sense.

The challenge in public schools is always how to get the right place. It appears that the current system may not be doing that as efficiently as it could, if at all. Parents of special needs children may know this better than anyone else. Even though only one part of the report has been released, it recommends that the state should blend the two funding sources, which could streamline the process of identifying children who need special education services so they can receive the help they need sooner.

Whether these recommendations result in changes in how the state budgets for special education, parents will still face challenges in getting their children the assistance they need. When it comes to their children, most parents will take whatever steps are necessary in order to provide them with the best opportunities available to give them a brighter future. In some cases, this may mean working with an attorney experienced in special education law to increase the chances of meeting that goal.