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It’s important to invest in special education students

On Behalf of | May 16, 2023 | Special Education |

Students who have specific types of learning needs have rights in the classroom, including the right to additional support and assistance. Special education students are entitled to various types of help to have a complete educational experience but to accomplish this, it requires trained teachers, support staff and funding. It is critical that California invest in special education when designating funds to schools and related needs, otherwise, these students could pay the price. 

Don’t leave out special education

California is in the process of developing an educational reform plan that would support and benefit community schools, however, it is not clear how or if these funds would help special education programs. This one-time investment in education will put $4.1 billion back into schools through a competitive grant program. When asked, it appears state leaders did not properly consider special education when developing this initiative. 

Community schools are beneficial, but they must also be inclusive. Special education programs are an important aspect of any school, allowing all students to succeed. By leaving special education programs out in this reform plan, lawmakers could unnecessarily and unfairly exclude a disadvantaged and vulnerable group of students. 

Speaking out 

It is not always easy to secure help and support for special education students. California parents who have students with specific learning needs may benefit from seeking the support and guidance of an experienced attorney. Whether it is within a specific school or speaking out about unfair state policy, parents have the right to advocate for their children and fight for their educational needs.