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Teacher strikes negatively impact special education students

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Special Education |

Students who have special learning needs have a rightful claim to support and help in order to have a full and fair educational experience. Special education laws require schools to provide interventions and other types of assistance for students with disabilities, yet different events can disrupt the critical services these students receive. Teacher strikes can affect normal daily functions in California schools, and they can ultimately harm the most vulnerable students.

Sidelining special education students

Recently, teachers in the Los Angeles area went on strike, which means that many students did not get to attend in-person school. This disruption in regular school hours means that certain students, such as those with learning needs, may face uncertainty and struggle to catch up once school is back to a normal schedule. Some parents assert that this is similar to the struggles they faced during pandemic-related shutdowns.

One parent of a special education student notes that the district fails to consider her daughter’s needs and the needs of other students during these situations. The current strikes included many aides and support staff that are necessary for special education students. Others believe the strikes are necessary to secure the resources schools need to provide an appropriate education for all California students.

The rights of special education students

California parents may find it necessary to seek assistance as they fight for the rights and interests of their children. If a special education student is not receiving the support they require, legal action may be necessary. A parent may find it necessary to seek insight from a special education law attorney to secure what their child needs for the future.