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Mom claims California school system owes her thousands of dollars

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Special Education |

The mom of a special education student in California has recently filed a lawsuit against her local school system. She claims that the school failed her son by refusing to provide necessary and critical services owed to him through the special education program. She chose to send him to school virtually for his health and safety due to his extreme medical needs, but according to her lawsuit, the school system did not meet these needs. This resulted in harm to his education.

Virtual students suffering

Many students with health needs have not been able to return to school since their reopening after the pandemic. This mother chose to virtually educate her child as a way to prevent exposure to COVID. However, she asserts the district did not provide the required services and educational support to her son. She is one of many California parents that took legal action, claiming their children experienced discrimination due to their special educational needs.

The lawsuit demands better accommodations for special education students. This mother and her local school district settled, with the district offering to fund private educational services for her son. However, she claims that she had not been provided with the appropriate amount of money, and the district currently owes her thousands.

Advocating for her son

California parents have the right to advocate for their children who have special education needs. Students who require support due to their special education needs are entitled to appropriate services and accommodations. If a school district fails to do this, it could be grounds to pursue legal action against them.