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The application of technology in special education

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Special Education |

Special education students in California may need certain types of support to succeed in their classrooms. These students may have Individualized Education Programs, which are plans that outline how the school and teacher can support that student in a way that will allow him or her to succeed. Technology, while useful in classrooms, can be a hindrance to special education students if applied inappropriately.

Input from teachers is important

Teachers often have valuable input regarding how technology may or may not be useful for their special education students. During the pandemic, special education students often struggled to keep up with the demands of online school. Many fell behind, and others did not receive the types of help and support they needed.

Technology in the classroom is not useful unless it is applied properly. This can be complicated in special education, which is why experts point to the need to seek the input of experienced and knowledgeable teachers. This is especially important in situations that may involve virtual learning. Special ed teachers can help create classroom technology plans that are meaningful and effective.

Advocating for special education students

California special educations students have the right to a full and fair experience in the classroom. This also applies to their access to technology and how they are required to use technology tools in the classroom. If a parent believes that his or her child is not receiving the support necessary, it is appropriate to seek the guidance of an experienced special education attorney who can advocate for the student.