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Special education terms a parent needs to know

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Special Education |

California parents of students with specific types of learning needs may find themselves overwhelmed when navigating the education system. Special education is complex, and there are many terms a parent may hear that he or she does not fully understand. It is helpful for the guardians and parents of special education students to know certain terms in order to be effective advocates for their children.

Important terms specific to special education

When parents are familiar with the specific jargon used in special education, they will feel equipped to fight for their child’s educational rights. Some of the most common terms encountered in the special education system include the following:

  • Accommodation – These are specific types of assistance a child with learning needs may require in the classroom. This might include extra test time or help with classwork.
  • Behavior intervention plan – This is a plan that outlines a strategy for helping a special needs child learn positive behavior and reinforce certain standards.
  • Individualized education program – An IEP is the plan that outlines the assistance and accommodations a student with specific needs requires for a full educational experience.

An empowered parent who understands certain terms will be able to fight for what his or her child needs in order to succeed in the classroom.

Help for the fight

Navigating the special education system in California can be confusing. It will be helpful for parents to have knowledge and confidence when facing concerns about their child’s educational rights. It is helpful to work with an experienced attorney to pursue the best possible outcome for the student.