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Room for improvement in California’s special education system

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Special Education |

Students who need additional support and assistance in order to get a full educational experience should be able to rely on California’s school systems for this specific type of help. Special education is a critical function in the school system, yet it can be frustrating for parents to navigate as they advocate for their kids. There are specific areas where certain improvements can be made in the special education system that will benefit students and teachers.

Where should improvements be made?

Funding is an important issue in any special education system. Some say that in order to improve the function of these systems, funding should go directly to the school districts. Costs continue to rise, but the amount of funding is not increasing. The academic achievement gap between special education students and regular education students continues to grow.

Another suggestion for improvement is increased unification between regular and special education systems. Others suggest that the state simply needs to spend more on common special education needs. This includes speech therapy, occupational therapy, technology and other equipment commonly used.

What should parents know?

California parents often have to advocate for their children who are in the special education system. Those fighting for their kids may benefit from the assistance of an experienced attorney who can assist at every step. There is room for improvement at every level of the special education system, which is why parents will benefit from fully understanding their kids’ educational rights and what they can do to assist them.