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How can teachers support special needs students?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Special Education |

California teachers and school administrations have the responsibility of providing an educational environment that is conducive to the learning needs of all students. This means accommodating special needs students and striving to adapt teaching strategies to effectively manage behavioral concerns. When schools properly support students with special needs, these students will have a better overall experience in school.

Behavior deficits and outbursts can take away valuable time from other students, but this does not mean schools can ignore or minimize the needs of a special education student. In fact, it may be outlined in the Individual Educational Program that the teacher must provide certain accommodations and individualized strategies to help that student.

In addition to following the terms of an IEP, teachers should strive to develop a learning environment that is supportive and caring. By focusing on students’ strengths, adjusting plans and establishing a good relationship with students, it may be possible to help them have a better experience in school and obtain an appropriate education. Even simple steps such as greeting students at the door, adjusting seating arrangements and working individually with that student may help significantly with managing behavioral issues.

Some special education students also have behavioral struggles in the classroom. These concerns are usually beyond their control, and following the accommodations outlined in an IEP can reduce the chance of problems while in class. California parents who believe their child is not receiving the special education help he or she deserves, have the right to speak out and advocate for their child’s rights and interests.