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Compliance complaints and fighting for special education rights

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Special Education |

Parents of special needs students likely have extensive experience advocating for their kids and making sure they have what they need in school. These parents may have struggled to get a diagnosis for their kids, and they may have found it difficult to get their child an effective Individual Education Program. In some cases, they may have to file compliance complaints when the school and educators are not following the terms of the IEP.

School districts and local schools must provide special education students with the opportunity to get an education by providing necessary interventions and certain types of support. When a school fails to implement an IEP, a compliance complaint is an appropriate course of action. These are filed with the California Department of Education, and a lawyer’s help is often necessary as the complaint process can be complex.

Filling the complaint in the appropriate place is important, as is preparing the complaint. It should detail the specific problem, such as how the school is failing or refusing to implement an IEP. A well-prepared complaint should also include details regarding a desired solution to the issue.

A California parent does not have to struggle alone when fighting for the education rights of his or her child. When compliance complaints are necessary, there is significant benefit in working with an experienced special education attorney. Experienced guidance may be important when confronting a school district, preparing the paperwork and taking legal steps to seek justice for a special needs student. A lawyer who understands the law can make it more likely a parent will succeed in his or her fight for justice.