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Organization keeps individualized educational programs on track

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Special Education |

Having a child with a disability or learning difference can cause some worry for California parents. They may have concerns that their child will fall behind or not be taught in a way that helps him or her truly understand essential material. In some cases, individualized education programs can help ensure that children with special education needs have a plan that is right for them.

Even with a plan in place, parents may worry that teachers will not stick to the plan and cause their children to fall behind. It can certainly seem challenging for teachers to implement IEPs, especially if there are multiple students with IEPs. However, there are multiple ways that teachers can keep these plans in order, including:

  • Having a specific folder for each student to organize IEP information
  • Having checklists that remind the teacher of necessary accommodations for each student’s IEP
  • Having logs to track students’ goals and progress
  • Having students participate in their own monitoring and progress tracking

Fortunately, there are numerous ways that teachers and parents alike can keep track of IEPs and of student progress. These records could help those involved determine whether the IEP is working in a particular student’s favor when it comes to reaching educational goals. If issues seem present, revisiting the plan may be necessary.

Especially if a California parent is new to individualized education programs, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Though parents may want to trust that teachers and other educational staff members are doing everything they can for their child, it is easy for important steps and progress goals to be overlooked. Parents who have concerns with their child’s IEP or who want help navigating this new area may want to have a legal advocate on their side.