Augustin Egelsee - Legal Advocates for California Special Needs Students

The attorney's at Augustin Egelsee have more than 20 years of combined experience helping parents obtain the services and programs their children are legally entitled to receive. Several members of our firm are parents of special needs children and have extensive experience advocating for appropriate special needs programs. This gives us a unique understanding of the issues and challenges parents may be facing.

As Orange County special education law attorneys, attorneys Danielle Augustin and Edwin Egelsee have focused their California practice on fighting for the rights of children who are not receiving the appropriate education they are entitled to receive.

Contact us so we can discuss your circumstances, explain your rights and set you and your family in the right direction. Legal services can be provided in Spanish and Korean, upon request.

Our areas of practice include:

  • Special education law – compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), individual education program (IEP) meetings, resolution sessions, mediations, due process hearings and appellate advocacy

Many children with academic or discipline problems may actually have an undiagnosed disability. Special education, in its many manifestations, exists to give children with disabilities the specific type of attention and instruction that they require. For all special education provisions, there are legal procedures that must be carefully followed. Federal law mandates that public schools must offer specialized education to meet the specific needs of children with disabilities. Depending on the child, it may also be necessary to place the child in a special school.

There are many procedural safeguards that must be followed to expel or suspend a student. Anything less than full compliance with these regulations could constitute a violation of child's rights. However, there are short timelines for contesting disciplinary matters; if you suspect your child has been unfairly suspended or expelled, you should contact Augustin Egelsee as soon as possible.

Juvenile courts are very different from adult courts, involving different procedures and imparting different rights on the accused. There are also some charges special to children. An attorney unfamiliar with the special circumstances surrounding juvenile cases may unwittingly damage his or her client's case.

Hot topics:

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Individual education program-schools must develop an IEP for each disabled student based on the child's cognitive ability and the skills needed to reach appropriate goals. We understand the mandatory components of this document and enforce compliance.
  • Designated instructional services-these services are assigned after the child qualifies for an IEP. We understand which services are available to you, and we will fight to ensure you receive every appropriate benefit.
  • Continuum of placement options-this requirement ensures that a continuum of alternative placements (including instruction in regular classes, special education classes, non public schools, home instruction, and instruction in hospitals and institutions), is available to meet the needs of children with disabilities for special education and related services.
  • Least restrictive environment-IDEA mandates that your child will not be isolated from non-disabled students to the maximum extent appropriate. We understand IDEA guidelines and will work to correct any inappropriate or insufficient educational programs.
  • Unilateral placement/reimbursement-school districts must offer and provide a free appropriate public education (FAPE) and may be required to reimburse the costs you incur to educate your special needs child if they fail to provide your child a FAPE.
  • Manifestation determination meetings-this review is triggered by disciplinary action. We thoroughly evaluate the circumstances to discover whether the behavior is due to a disability, and/or the school's lack of compliance with the IEP.
  • Behavior intervention-these plans detail the actions that will be taken to manage a child's behavior. We confirm that functional analysis assessments are conducted appropriately and check for compliance with behavior intervention plans.
  • Independent educational evaluations (IEE)-this analysis of the child is conducted by a non-school district evaluator and is designed to determine matters such as whether the IEP is appropriate. Your child may be entitled to an IEE if the school district failed to conduct an appropriate assessment.

The attorneys at Augustin Egelsee are committed to providing meaningful legal advice to our clients and consider every child's case to be unique. Special education law is complex; you may have many more questions that have not been addressed here. Please contact the Law Office of Augustin Egelsee L.L.P. Few other Southern California attorneys are so devoted to helping parents and guardians with the legal issues surrounding children.